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Bergland House

131 West 2nd Street


Built by: Norman F. Fuller
Architect: Murray E. Woods


Mr. & Mrs. Bob Mohr built the residence and sold it shortly after completion in 1954 to D. A. and Delores Bergland.


Mr. and Mrs. Bergland lived in and raised 3 children in the home until 2014. Mr. Bergland passed away in 2007 and Mrs. Bergland sold the home to Rio Understiller and Chase Barrett.


In 2014, the pair undertook took major renovations and expansion to the home. In addition to creating an open floor plan and updating the existing residence, they built an addition to the rear of the home. The resulting square footage is now 2,664. Architectural elements such as the original elevation, 3-sided brick fireplace and original corner windows were retained in the new design to maintain the home’s historic character.


All operational systems of the home were upgraded to modern building codes and present day conveniences such as central vacuum, recessed lighting and energy efficient components were added. Despite the large addition, the property’s lot is still quite spacious and the home is designed to take advantage of the 3 large pecan trees on site.


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