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Kenneth Houston House

123 West 2nd Street


Tudor Revival
Architect J.W. Mougeot
Building Unaltered


Built in 1929 for Kenneth Houston, a prominent Mesa area rancher and engineer and Mrs. Houston, a Mesa school teacher.

Houston family occupied the house through the 1970s. In addition to
being the founder of the Arizona Farmers Production Credit Association, Houston was the chairman of the Arizona Cattle
Feeders Association, and president of the Arizona Radio and Television Co. which owned Mesa’s first radio station.


Mr. Houston was aware of new devopments in home design and when he built the house he had the ductwork placed inside the walls in anticipation of forced air heating.


In 1989 the house was purchased and renovated by Lori Osiecki and Jarek Opechowski.


One of the best preserved local examples of the Tudor Rival Style.


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