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First Baptist Church Parsonage

124 West 1st Street


Colonial Revival
Architect Unknown
Building Unaltered


Built as a duplex between 1900 and 1908. Used from 1908 through at
least the 1940s as the First Baptist Church Parsonage.
Ministers who resided there included;
C.S. Maddox (1908-1913),
W.H.Fowle (1918-1920),
James Fisher(1927-1930)
Rev. Arthur S.Wahl(1930-1940s)

Arthur S. Wahl Jr. a retired banker from Valley National Bank owned the
property until his death in 1996.


The symmetry, deep veranda with turned posts, and hip roof with a pedimented dormer, make this an excellent example of a Colonial Revival house.
The house is being restored by the Nikolich family.

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