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Sirrine House

160 North Center Street


Queen Anne Cottage
Architect Unknown
Building Restored


Built in the spring of 1896 as the residence of Joel E. Sirrine and his
wife, Caroline Hanna Simkins Sirrine.

They occupied the house until  about 1905. During that time Sirrine worked as an engineer for the Mesa Cooperative Milling Company which was owned by George W. and William L. Sirrine.

Joel E. Sirrine came to Mesa in 1878 as a boy. His father George W. Sirrine, was head of one of the “four founding families of Mesa.”  

The best local example of a Vernacular house type built in the Queen Anne Cottage Style. Exemplary of  the 19th Century residential
development of the Mesa Townsite.

The Sirrine house was built of Lehi Brick. The brick was laid by Milo Shill one of the owners of the Lehi Brick Company.  

The house still retains almost half of the original 1 1/4 acre lot.

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