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Mougeot House

115 West 2nd Street


Architect J.W. Mougeot
Building Unaltered


The house was built by Mesa building contractor, J.Walter Mougeot in 1918. Mougeot occupied the house until 1926 when he moved next door to 162 North Macdonald, after trading residences with James H. Ruse.
In 1938 Albert and Gwendolen Gurtler purchased the house.
This property and the house at 162 North Macdonald are owned by
the Gurtler’s son, Richard Gurtler, a physicist and an attorney for the
Motorola Corporation. Albert Gurtler’s oldest son Robert, is the
famous magician, Andre Kole.


The house was purchased by the Saemisch family They completed the restoration in 2002.


The house has distinctive elements of the Bungalow Style such as a
deep veranda, shingled gables, and original Craftsman Style door. 


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