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One of the most unique districts in the valley.

The original West 2nd Street Historic District was formed in 1995. We received our National Register Status in 1998 with one of the highest percentages of  neighborhood support, 98%.


The district consists of 32 homes, bordered by Robson, 1st, Center and 2nd.


As you walk down the streets in our district, with the mature trees, and the greenways, you can truly mark time. The range of architecture is remarkable. The styles of the houses span from Queen Anne to Bungalow to Tudor. In fact, no two houses are alike. Even in our bungalow court, though each of the houses has a similar floor plan, the individual rooflines were designed to be distinct from each other. Notice the stamped dates in our sidewalks, from one corner to the next, and you'll see how this neighborhood grew into what we consider to be the jewel of Mesa.


There are many original and unique elements found only here in this district.


The greenways that border our district, for example, are the only remaining ones in Mesa. The wide turning radius was needed to accommodate horse and buggies at the time of the neighborhood's original founding.


Other one-of-a-kind features include the carriage step found in front of the Fuller House, and Roselea Court, the last bungalow court of its kind.


Many new, first-of-their kind features can also be found here in the West 2nd Street Historic District. The integrated carport at the Pomeroy House was a modern innovation in its day, while the Houston House was the first to be constructed with the ductwork inside the walls in anticipation of forced air heating (whereas most of the homes built in the early 20th century had to lower the ceilings to accommodate the new systems). The Lester House was also the first built using a home loan in Mesa.


This neighborhood is not only unique because of its historical significance, but because of the people who live here, the renovators, the history buffs, and those who truly value the unique community that has been cultivated in this area. You'll often find us, together, on a front porch enjoying one another's company.


Ours is a neighborhood that is loved and appreciated!


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