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Vialt House

156 North Macdonald Street


Colonial Revival
Architect Unknown
Building Altered, Minor


Built between 1908 and 1911 as the residence of Max Vialt, the manager and later president of the Mesa Milling Company.


During this time, Vialt was also the  Mayor of Mesa.
He sold the house in 1918.  


James Miller owned and occupied the house from 1922 to 1929.
From 1929 through the 1930s, Andrew J. Byford, a local barber,
owned the house.

The house is a good example of a Colonial Revival Style employing characteristic elements such as hip roof and bellcast eaves symmetrical facade, and a full length veranda.

The home was purchased by the Skogebo Family in 2016. They completed a full renovation in 2018.

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