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Cluff House

135 West 2nd Street



Architect Unknown
Building Unaltered


Built between 1908 and 1910 as the residence of Frank A. Cluff.  
Mr. Cluff was the manager of the Crescent Drug Co.and in 1918
became the proprietor of The Orange Blossom, a candy and soda store.
Charles B.Wood, a Mesa rancher and president of the Mesa Lettuce
and Vegetable Growers, Inc. purchased the house in 1926.

In 1929, fire destroyed the upper story of the house.
The Wood Family occupied the house through the 1930s.


The renovation of the main house was completed in 1996, the guest house in 2001 by Tomas  Opechowski.


A good example of the Bungalow Style.


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