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Lester House

140 North Center Street


Architect Unknown
Building Unaltered


Built in 1919 as the residence for John H. Lester Jr., owner of
the Toggery Store in the 1920’s.

The brick was specially ordered from El Paso, Texas.

John H. Lester Sr., a Mason, and pioneer builder from New Mexico, died in this house February 1, 1923. 


The Lester family moved to Mesa to be closer to their family the Holcombs who lived next door at 148 North Center Street.  The Lesters were the first to receive a home construction in Mesa.
They occupied the house until 1924, when it was sold to Samuel L.Doughty, assistant manager of the Valley Bank.


In 1940 the house was sold to Woodson Hawes.


The deep veranda, battered piers and decorative brickwork, make this an excellent example of the Craftsman Bungalow Style.

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