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148 N. Macdonald.jpg

Fuller/Strauch/Reeb House

148 North Macdonald Street


Mission Revival
Architect Unknown
Building Unaltered


Built in 1906 for Paul E. Fuller, an engineer who was employed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation during the construction of the Roosevelt Dam. Fuller later worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture as an irrigation engineer.


George W. Silverthorn, a Mesa attorney purchased the house in 1925. From 1931 until 1936 the house was owned and occupied by Henry L. Wood.


In 1936 the house was purchased by Donald W. Strauch, a Mesa printer. The Strauch family owned the house un 1993 when it was sold to the Reeb Family.


The Reebs completed the renovations of the property in 1998. The Fuller House is one of the most beautifully restored homes in Arizona. The attention to detail is remarkable.


The house is the earliest and best local example of the Mission Revival Style.


It was placed on the National Registry on 7/31/91.

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